Monday, June 27, 2011

Kids' closet

kids closet before
A closet does not seem like a big deal.
Except when the closet is totally bare!
No shelves, rods, ... NOTHING!

I had to find something for my kids' closet. She is only 7 and will grow into bigger clothes (probably more as well) so a custom fixed shelving was out of the question (so was spending a fortune).

I found Rubbermaid closet systems online. They have a really cool tool where you just type in your closet dimensions and you can play around with configurations. When you found the design you like, you can print out a parts list or the part number for the kit you need. So easy and no software to download!

ALL the clothes fit with room for toys!
Here is my daughters' closet for just under $90 at Lowes. There are parts left for another closet of the same size (just with less shelves 'cause I used all but one in the kit).

This is the Rubbermaid 3-6' closet kit Homefree Series.


Easy to install and modify. I cut the plastic rod-ends to make a perfect, snug fit for the hanging rods. I will probably get some cute baskets for the socks and panties to place on the shelves (instead of the improv lego containers).

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