Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Moving in...

It's been a while...                           ... but, it's worth it!

It has been A MONTH since we have had a "home". When traveling, it's not so bad to be without "normalcy". But, when you are stuck in a temporary apartment, 30 miles from your empty house, and are trying to do your regular work and routine, it is close to hair-pulling.

Our contents are supposed to be here by the 15th and didn't arrive 'til the 16th (every day is excruciating). The moving company couldn't seem to get the address right at either location (although there were plenty of written and vocal correspondences). Then, when they arrived, there were 3 guys to unload and one looked really aged, the other smoked every chance he could get, and the 3rd looked fresh out of Jr.High and all 3 were skinny as a rail. They managed somehow.
grandma B's rocker - post movers
We did have some claims to report. Everyone gets at least a plate cracked, right? Well, every plate and glass item came out fine. It was the bigger items that were the issue here, including my grandmother's hand crafted maple rocking chair which they wrapped in a regular blanket instead of boxing it. (The company eventually reimbursed us and fixed all the claims.)

But, these are the kinds of things that frustrate me. I'm the type of person who would rather they give me a big fat check and I will organize and take care of everything myself. For me, letting others "control" the move is WAY more stressful for me than if I did it myself.

Now that that is over (hallelujah!), we are on to the house repairs and trying to figure out where everything goes. This part is the easy part for me, with the exception of the "cha-ching $" factor. On the other hand, my hubby is stressin' big-time! He has the "GO GO GO" personality. That is one of the traits that makes a good business leader, a "take the bull by the horns and spit in his face" attitude. He wants it done yesterday, while I can let things evolve into their spots in an organic way.. Yeah, seems kinda contradictory. But I am in control this time ( "Ha... ha... ha..." , she maniacally laughs.)

Well, we did buy a bank owned, as-is house (which is how they come) and knew there were damages.
Here is where we are at so-far:
Fridge repair - just under $400 (still way cheaper than buying a replacement which I priced at 3k's)
Window repair for broken glass - just under $250
Chimney repair - just over $350
Kitchen sink plumbing repair - about $25
The hot water turns cold about 5 minutes into a shower - very frustrating if you have thick hair like mine. Needless to say, I have not been able to condition in a week (poor hair).
Lawn guys (we have about an acre of over 12" grass to cut and my rotary just ain't gonna do the job) and needing to purchase a mower. Anyone know where to find a good used riding with bagger for cheap?
Not to mention the window treatments and bathroom mirrors (thats right, it doesn't have mirrors).
And, most of the closets have no shelves or rods.
And the list goes on...

But, there is light at the end of the tunnel. And, this place is worth it!
 Here are a few of the glory moments:

dark photo of Master Bed curtains
We found treatments for our bedroom (which has been sorely neglected since the beginning of time) in a deep red hue at Bed Bath and Beyond. Bonus - they were on clearance and got 2 panels for $8 - yes EIGHT Buckaroos! WOO HOO! Add in the hardware and finishing touches for a grand total of under $50!

a dark photo of sitting room windows
The sitting room is a different story of retail price at Bed Bath & B. But, they are really pretty and in the main room.
It was about $300 for the big window which is still cheaper and prettier than blinds. (I will try and get a better shot in the projects section when the room is done).

Sabrina playing with Oscar
The house also comes with a dog. The best kind, one you don't have to feed, water, provide shelter or health insurance for... a neighbor's dog.
they lost the ball in the orchard
Here in the country, many of the dogs roam. This dog has adopted us. He greets us when we come home and when we have breakfast in the morning, sleeps on the back deck next to the door & plays with our kid. I really like our neighbors! I told them not to worry about their dog because he is really a well mannered dog and keeps us company. When I get my veggie garden in, he will earn his keep by keeping out the deer.

unidentified flower in basket ball court

Breakfast view of orchard and Sabrina's "Art Studio"
And then there is what we are out here for...
Breakfast view out dining room window over the basket ball court

One of MANY slugs. It collected  fluff from the Black Cottonwood Tree.
Check back for updates. My 1st gardening project is to get the basketball court cleaned up so Hubby and kid can play without getting whacked by the brush.

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